Boston Manor have been at the forefront of the scene since their conception – they practically pioneered the emo/pop-punk/rock mashup that constitutes their fanbase, so it’s no surprise that their innovation extends to how they release their albums, even in the corona age. We’ve all just about got our heads around Zoom shows, but Boston Manor are doing us one better now, with an intricately planned virtual art show to celebrate the release of May’s GLUE.

Originally planned as a live event to herald Boston Manor’s haunting, heavy, and brilliant third album, Poetry and Soil will now take place at, so you can experience it from the comfort of your own home. So dim the lights, turn GLUE up to max, and press enter for a deep dive into everything Boston Manor. Poetry and Soil currently exhibits designs from the Plasticine Dreams video, work by Polygon (the mind behind the Liquid video), Benjamin Lieber’s artwork around the GLUE album cover, and shots from Danny DeRusso who works with Boston Manor as a touring photographer.

There’ll also be artwork curated by the band created by fans putting forward submissions (it’s not surprising that such a talented band have such a talented community around them). The exhibition’s pinnacle comes in the form of a 20 minute documentary about the making of GLUE – if you aren’t already in awe of Boston Manor, surely you are now.

Poetry and Soil is available for free, but only for a limited time, so immerse yourself ASAP. And when you’ve done that and, of course, you’re still thirsty for more, get your hands on some tickets for the now-rescheduled GLUE tour in March 2021. Boston Manor are creeping up in size, and with GLUE now firmly established, it’s a guaranteed astonishing show. We can’t wait.

Click here to visit Poetry and Soil, and here for tickets to their 2021 tour.