Boston Manor - Get Stuck In!
9.2Overall Score

Boston Manor, GLUE
Pure Noise Records

Boston Manor have always been in a league of their own. A glorious combination of grunge, emo and a sprinkling of pop punk, this Blackpool quintet are slowly forging their own unique sound. The band’s third album GLUE, out 1st May, is shaping up to be a perfect reflection of Boston Manor’s musical abilities, and it also seems to be a more sonically ambitious project than ever before.

Every single released thus far oozes character, with vast soundscapes and confidently defined energies. We’re reminded of Boston Manor’s familiar emo-punk-rock fusion on the iconic Liquid and riotous Ratking; both singles ooze cool, with brilliant anthemic choruses tailor-made for mosh pits. Everything is Ordinary has a slightly different electronic edge, but still feels just as raucous and fitting with the group’s vibe.

Some of GLUE’s singles present a calmer, but just as exciting, side of the group. On a High Ledge is a lesson in enchantment, every element drowning out all thought, making you feel like you’re floating through space. As Henry Cox’s layered vocals chant hypnotically into your ear, it’s clear that this track would be perfectly comfortable on a Radiohead tracklist. This atmospheric, movie soundtrack feeling is also captured on newest single Plasticine Dreams; the track utilises elements of psychedelic rock, pairing it with a strangely folk-rock energy, in a way that dreamily flows through you, plunging you into the album’s hypnotic soundscape.

While we’ve already had the chance to dance our hearts out to Liquid on their last tour, we can’t wait to be free, get to a show and experience these fabulous new tracks in a live setting. Boston Manor are one of the most exciting bands around at the moment, eager to walk their own path. It’s pretty clear that GLUE is going to be a truly unmissable album and an amazing listening experience – we can’t wait to get our hands on it!

GLUE is out 1st May via Pure Noise Records. Pre-order here. Grab tickets to their August tour here.