Christmas is firmly upon us – it’s chilly outside, the trees are up, we’ve not NOT been drinking Baileys at any given moment for about a month. Now that the holidays are in full swing, it’s time to get our emo Christmas Party on. COVID won’t quite allow a proper festive occasion, so tonight on The Bittersweet Hour, we’ve got you covered with a brilliant hour of Christmassy chat and tuneage. We already rounded up the rock world’s Christmas classics for you, so here we’ve got some of emo’s most underrated festive bops. See if you can spot any on the show – it’s a Spotify exclusive this week, so check it out from 8 here!

Blink 182 – I Won’t Be Home For Christmas

Everyone knows to scream along “it’s Christmas Eve and I’ve only wrapped two fucking presents!!!” at the drop of a hat, but Blink’s lengthier Christmas offering is just as big of a banger.

ATL – Fool’s Holiday

In a similar boat to Blink, the bop that is Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass is iconic, but Fool’s Holiday brings a more reflective tone to the festive season, lilting enchantingly through a breezy jingle bell jam.

Dream Nails – Lonely Star (Christmas Song)

Dream Nails’ recent release Lonely Star, rather than being an underrated song, represents an underrated side of Christmas. With a sparkle here, a power chord there, and a chorus that’ll have you singing along in no time, Dream Nails light up the season with an ode to people who don’t find that Christmas is all magic and cheer. It’s a well needed message.

The Maine – Last Christmas

Last Christmas is one of the most covered Christmas songs of all time, but The Maine do it especial justice. Somehow they capture the wonderful cheesiness of it all, with a healthy injection of their moody rock sensibilities – a flawless balance.

shame – Feliz Navidad

Nothing to get you on your feet like a bit of rousing indie-punk, and shame are here to provide the goods. Feliz Navidad is a bop to begin with, but shame and their rowdy gang vocals really make it feel like a party.

The Unlikely Candidates – Father Christmas

BSP favs The Unlikely Candidates are always totally charming, and no less so in their brilliant cover of The Kinks’ Father Christmas. Anthemic, bright, and tongue-in-cheek, howling out “Father Christmas, give us some money”, it’s all you could ask for.

Senses Fail – I Wish It Was Christmas Today

Senses Fail’s recent Christmas EP deserves clout just for its brilliant name – Christmas Has Been Cancelled Due To Lack Of Hustle – but their take on the Julian Casablancas classic is impeccable. They maintain all the infectious buzz of the Strokes-ier version, and make it work even better with their heavy magic.

IDKHow – Merry Christmas Everybody

Dallon Weekes is basically emo Santa – purveyor of festive bops and melancholy holiday tunes alike, whether on his own or in the wonderful IDKhow. His Christmas originals are wonderful, but his cover of Slade’s legendary tune? Utterly underrated – he makes it sound classic, sparkly, dreamy, and bright with a spot of piano and, of course, his silky vocals.

Reel Big Fish – Skank For Christmas

Does Christmas make you think of ska? No? Well it should – Reel Big Fish’s Skank For Christmas should be a holiday party staple; there’s nothing more fun than having a big old festive boogie, and there’s no tune more fitting than the trumpet laden euphoria of a bit of Skank For Christmas.

Art of Shock – No Presents For Christmas

For the metalheads amongst us, Christmas songs may feel a bit lacking. All those jingle bells replacing the relentless crash of drums? Jaunty piano in lieu of ear-melting riffs? No worries, because Art of Shock have your back – their King Diamond cover is as hard as they come, jagged, rapid, dark, and festive.

Yellowcard – Christmas Lights

Coldplay’s original, of course, is faultless, a top-quality blue Christmas pop tune. It’s just a bit too melancholy though, so Yellowcard jamming it up with soaring guitars and classic pop-punk vocals might be just what Santa ordered. Still a heartstring-tugger, but now one you can sing along to without crying – perfect!

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