Bitch Falcon - Test Trip
8.2Overall Score

Bitch Falcon, Test Trip
Small Pond Recordings

With a band name like Bitch Falcon, you need a sound that’s fierce and immense enough to live up to it – and Test Trip certainly ticks all the boxes and then some. The latest taste of upcoming debut Staring at Clocks, Test Trip is an unforgiving howler of an indie-punk tune, a promise that Bitch Falcon’s debut is going to be polished, vicious, and as powerful as everything leading up to it has been.

From the off, Test Trip is built around a solid drum and bass section, grounding us before vocalist Lizzie Fitzpatrick’s voice drifts in. She’s haunting and melancholy in the verses, at odds against the intense instrumentals, but come the chorus and she hits incredible levels. She absolutely soars, still haunting and atmospheric but now just as forceful as the crashing music that accompanies her.

The pure rock power of Test Trip is unmissable – it blends into one blaze of noise, but the density is what makes it so powerful. The clattering percussion and occasional shrieking guitar line cut through the melee to catch your eye before careening back into the mix – it’s impossible to keep up, and it makes for a thrilling listening experience.

Test Trip hints, no, guarantees that Bitch Falcon are releasing a debut that’s fearless, confident, and ferocious. A delightful mesh of rock, indie-punk, and plain magnetic excellence, Staring at Clocks is going to be a debut to be reckoned with.

Staring at Clocks is out November 6th.