Benthos - Cartesio
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Benthos - Cartesio8

Benthos, Cartesio
Eclipse Records

If you’ve not heard of Italian prog-metal quintet Benthos, now’s the time to get involved. New album, II, set for release 23rd April, aims to explore the dualistic nature of humanity through introspective, experimental soundscapes – and, despite being the group’s debut, it’s shaping up to be a mature, confident scorcher. Latest single Cartesio is proof of undeniable musical prowess; with their huge, hypnotic aura, Benthos are unbelievably compelling and definitely not a band to miss out on.

Cartesio is a remarkable journey into the inner consciousness. Masterfully layered instrumentals suck you into a gorgeous world of reflection, forcing you to considering the differences between interior and exterior realities. The overall sound is intoxicatingly gentle, a sensation amplified by Gabriele Landillo’s distinctly soft, emotive vocals.

But this song is by no means merely a gentle ride – sprinkles of heaviness linger in the background, prepared to pounce at any moment. Growls of “here I can connect myself in the womb” cut into the floating nature of the track, acting as an invasive, cruel juxtaposition to the gentle safety of introspection. These contrasting moments create a full-bodied, immersive experience; Benthos aim to entirely replicate the human psyche, including the darker elements of the human consciousness.

Cartesio is proof of a band that know exactly what sound they want to achieve. Benthos have crafted a beautiful, mature prog-metal track here, intriguingly structured to near perfection. Despite the group being fairly fresh, this is a surefire sign of great things to come.

II is out 23rd April. Pre-order here.