Barfbag - Right To Fight Back
8.2Overall Score

Barfbag, Right To Fight Back
Stay Gold Records

Angry about the world? Pissed off at those in power? Well then, hardcore trio Barfbag might just be group for you. Latest single Right To Fight Back is a raucous call to arms, urging everyone to stand up for what they believe in. It’s short and definitely not sweet, and, seeing as it’s from their forthcoming EP The Plastic Age, this is only the beginning.

Right To Fight Back crashes into your life, an absolute calamity of hectic, unrelenting noise — It’s exactly what you want form a hardcore punk track. It’s gorgeously quick, with frantic drums driving you through the entire experience. David Bason’s vocal performance in particular is glorious; Bason’s vocals are deeply emotional, raw in a way that riles you up, gets your blood pumping. It’s impossible not to feel the message of the song in your gut – all the injustices in the world, inhumane boarder treatment, corporate control… it’s time to FIGHT BACK!

Considering the musical minds involved in Barfbag, it’s easy to see why their sound is so brilliantly structured. With Bason, Brian Viglione of The Dresden Dolls on drums and Kenny Carkeet of AWOLNATION, it’s clear that Barfbag are going to crank out even more solid bangers. Right To Fight Back is a track that is sure to generate a WILD crowd, and we can’t wait to see what else The Plastic Age EP is going to bring us.