Barfbag - Pornocracy
8.2Overall Score

Barfbag, Pornocracy
Stay Gold Records

Barfbag are back and they’re not taking any bullshit. Short, sharp and scathing, new single Pornocracy is feral; the hardcore trio brutally condemn the rich in a brutal, raw rush of sound. If you loved their previous single Right To Fight Back, we promise this single packs just as hard a punch.

Pornocracy is a rush – listening to it almost causes heart palpitations. The track’s tempo sweeps you off your feet, immediately blowing out your eardrums with its gruelling drums and guitars. The hectic call-and-response in the verses only makes the song feel quicker, as David Bason’s screams and the regimental responses fight to keep pace with one another.

The eclectic, panicked feeling of the track perfectly suits the lyrical theme. As Bason’s raw screams ask ‘Do you have debt?’, ‘Can you pay your bills?’, ‘Can you escape your class?’, you feel yourself getting equally as riled up. It’s hypnotically whiplash-quick, fuelling you with the rage that Barfbag know you have inside of you, even if you weren’t aware yourself.

If you’re feeling frustrated about the current state of the government, we guarantee Pornocracy will encapsulate all of your rage perfectly. In the words of Barfbag – throw some bricks.

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