History repeats itself: an age-old adage. So it makes sense that everything 80s is on trend right now: mullets are the edgy hairdo of choice, no jeans exist except high-waisted, films from 40 years ago are hits to this day. And our Band of the Month for March are certainly drawing on this wonderful decade to create their wonderfully retro yet ultra-fresh sound: it’s MOBS.

Cinema Paradiso, the Melbourne four-piece’s debut album, burst onto the scene on Friday, soundtracking our segue into March in the most fun possible way. They’re the answer to your Tears For Fears and Wham! filled dreams – infectious, unfailingly fun, synth jams with the pop-rock appeal that hauls them into the present day. They’re hardly blending old and new, it’s more like a dazzling juxtaposition – picture a lava lamp (we’re going retro with our metaphors): the liquid around the outside is the modern day, and 80s influences float through, glowing guitar riffs and soaring synths.

Predictably, as a small Aussie band, it’s expensive and challenging to cross the globe to perform on our shores. But – there’s hope! MOBS will be hitting The Great Escape festival in Brighton in May… Could this come with a cheeky headline somewhere? Pretty please? We’ve definitely got our fingers crossed here at Bittersweet, for an evening of boogieing away to unending bangers. Hopefully being our BOTM might convince them!

Cinema Paradiso is out now.