It can often be a challenge for bands to one-up their last feat. Whilst many crumble under this pressure, it’s something our Band of the Month thrive on; Enter Shikari embody innovation. These guys won’t allow past labels to control them, instead electing to lob genre ‘restrictions’ out of the window. Punk? Drum and bass? Metalcore blended up with a bit of trance? There’s something for everyone, and that’s exactly why you’ve got to listen to these mad men.

The ambition doesn’t stop at their eclectic genre fusions either. Back in February we caught them on the European leg of their Stop the Clocks tour – a RIDICULOUSLY packed tour that had them in venues far and wide. Shikari truly shine in a live setting, their wild crowds only amplifying the experience. And they clearly love performing, considering they’re pushing the boat out and playing FOUR sets at Reading and Leeds this month!

Speaking of Stop the Clocks, on the 13th we’re also being blessed with the long awaited single that gave the tour its name. The track was played at nearly every European tour date, meaning it’s been floating around since December – needless to say, we’re gasping for a recorded version, and it’s sure to sound fresh considering just how much these guys love to fine-tune tracks.

Enter Shikari are an example of what music should be. Unashamedly tackling current affairs and constantly redefining their unique sound, the Shikari lads are one of a kind.

Reading and Leeds is sold out, but you can pre-save Stop the Clocks here.

[Photo by Jennifer McCord]