We know, more Creeper at Bittersweet… but don’t they deserve it? Their glorious sophomore record Sex, Death & The Infinite Void may have come out at the end of last month, but its first week of basking in success has taken place in August, as well as the most gripping chart battle maybe ever, so they’re well deserving of Band of the Month spot this month.

Back to that chart battle – did you ever imagine that you’d see our Southampton goth extraordinaires locked in a head-to-head with Ronan Keating? That’s Creeper’s main adversary for a top five spot, and as staunch members of team Creeper, we’ve got to say that they more than deserve the chart recognition they’re oh-so-close to getting. SD&TIV is an art piece, a whirlwind, a universe, and a tale of life and death, and Keating’s Twenty Twenty is… well, we must admit we’ve not listened to it, but we’re pretty sure nothing can beat Creeper.

The UK rock scene is as tight-knit as they come, so it’ll come as no surprise that the Creeper Cult have been streaming, buying vinyls, buying records, and spreading the word with the fervency of 2009 Beliebers (signature colour purple too, are there more similarities between Creeper and Justin we’ve not spotted?!). We can’t wait to see how this pans out, but for the moment, at least Creeper are our Number One for August.

Sex, Death & The Infinite Void is out now. Stream here, or order a copy from your local record shop to nudge Creeper firmly into that top spot!