Architects - tear gas
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Architects - tear gas8

Architects, tear gas

Architects are proving that anything is possible; following on from the mighty when we were young, the metalcore juggernauts are back with another explosive taste of their upcoming October release. tear gas embodies the classic Architects formula and then some – delivering sharp basslines, anthemic howls and rugged breakdowns with an added sprinkle of venom. 

tear gas manages to up the ante, delivery breakdowns that verge into almost industrial realms. There’s an almost Nine Inch Nails spark threaded throughout, from the synthetic pulsing to the climactic rumble of a breakdown. The combination elevates Architects’ sound remarkably – darkening their heavier tones and making lighter moments even more ethereal. 

Even tear gas’ music video highlights a different side to Architects. The sci-fi inspired video is hilariously tongue-in-cheek, melodramatic wide-eyed-stares and oh-so painfully fake wigs galore. As the guys rush to evacuate from a nuclear mishap, the charm is sky-high, serving up a brilliantly playful side of the group.

The twisting of their sound and aesthetic serves as a glorious step in a new direction. Architects are well known for their distinctive soundscaping, and Sam Carter’s vocals are one-of-a-kind, so the temptation to stick to a formula proven to work must be tempting. Some may say ‘if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it’, but the decision to toy with new textures is a brilliant surprise. We can’t wait to see how else the guys have been experimenting when the classic symptoms of a broken heart drops 21st October.

Pre-order the classic symptoms of a broken heart here. Out 21st October.