Architects - Dead Butterflies
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Architects - Dead Butterflies9

Architects, Dead Butterflies

The clock is ticking, and with each passing day we get closer and closer to a new Architects record. Animals and Black Lungs gave us a taste of Architects’ signature melodic brutality, but that doesn’t mean these guys can’t capture a deeply enchanting, gentle sound too. Dead Butterflies is just that; with a gorgeously light, floating soundscape, Dead Butterflies is immediately set apart from previous singles. Metalcore bands don’t always need to be gruesomely heavy to pack a punch, and Architects are more than capable of knocking out softer, deeply emotive banger.

Muse-y synths welcome us in to this single, cascading down and deliciously dragging us in. Dead Butterflies is noticeably softer than previous singles, every drumbeat flowing into the next, every chord drifting dreamily off before the next one sounds. The single is the embodiment of a swarm of butterflies, with its weightless instrumentals, but with that Architects spark of poignancy. Sam Carter’s vocals are faultless, as always, delivering a performance that compliments the vast soundscape perfectly, raw and vulnerable.

Architects are metalcore royalty for a reason; nobody in the game is quite as masterful as these guys. They thrive whether Carter is belting out those raw growls into our ears or not. They can crack out tunes that demand a ravenous moshpit, but also have some absolutely heartwrenching tracks to boast as well. February release For Those That Wish To Exist can’t come soon enough; this release is set to be, thunderously anthemic from start to finish.

For Those That Wish To Exist is out 26th February. Pre-order here.