Architects - Animals
9.2Overall Score

Architects, Animals

They say it never rains but it pours, and Architects have truly taken this to heart – geared with a new single, album announcement AND an upcoming Royal Albert Hall livestream, these metalcore legends are the embodiment of a vicious flash flood right now. 2018’s Holy Hell was a monumental achievement for the band, but new single Animals is the perfect teaser for their next instalment – tinged with that rich, enchantingly melodic charm, these guys have still got a sound that sweeps us off of our feet.

Animals immediately sets the scene – steady drums provide a backbone for that signature dark, heavy bassline. Architects’ talent lies in their ability to remain poised within their brutality, and Animals is proof of this; calmer, reflective, echoing moments are allowed to shine, before flowing into anguished yells and crashing drums.

As always, Sam Carter’s voice only heightens the band’s mature, defined sound. His vocals never fail to convey a level of emotion that is almost chilling – there’s no doubt that Carter’s voice is one of the best in metal today. Whether calmly contemplating whether to ‘pull the pin’ or wholeheartedly calling the world ’a bunch of fucking animals’, the emotional depth is always intoxicating. This, paired with the depth of the rich soundscape, makes for a truly glorious listening experience.

Architects’ ability to craft an immersive soundscape is commendable. The guys truly mastered this on 2013’s Daybreaker, and have been honing their craft ever since, each album’s sound growing vaster and more impressive than the last. With this in mind, their 21st November livestream at Royal Albert Hall is sure to be absolutely spellbinding – a sound so dense deserves a live setting that will allow it to echo out into infinity.

We may only be one song in, but For Those That Wish To Exist is shaping up to be a pretty exciting release already. Knowing Architects, this album is sure to be something pretty special… Make sure you nab yourself a ticket to the livestream to hear the new track live – we’re sure it’s going to take on a whole new life when performed in such a gorgeous setting!

For Those That Wish To Exist is out 26th February 2021. Pre-order it here. Tickets to their 21/11 livestream available here, tickets on sale 9am GMT Friday.