All Time Low - Some Kind Of Disaster
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All Time Low, Some Kind Of Disaster
Fueled By Ramen

When you hear the bandname All Time Low, you probably think straight away of your early teens: the birth of your pop-punk days, yelling along in your bedroom to Nothing Personal with a baseball tee on and wrists adorned with rubber bracelets. But ATL have grown up along with their fans, and Some Kind Of Disaster sees them maintain their youthful heart and soul whilst proving they’re at their tightest, most polished, most developed as a band as well.

SKOD sounds poppier than most ATL tracks – is there a hint of a drum machine? What’s Rian going to do? No fear, their pop-punk sound returns, but it’s exciting to hear it layered up with synthy effects on the guitars, frontman Alex Gaskarth churning out lyrical nuggets that are, characteristically of All Time Low, ready and waiting to get written all over books and screamed back from fans’ mouths at shows. There’s a lyrical maturity here for definite, but it doesn’t make Some Kind Of Disaster any less catchy or fun. From the chorus’s explosive “I’m a liar I’m a cynic” to the awareness of Baltimore four-piece’s growth in the spotlight: “I woke up from a never-ending dream, I shut my eyes at 17” – SKOD is the perfect balance of lighthearted and reflective.

With driving guitar pedal notes, pacey drums and playful countermelodies, there’s no doubt that ATL’s musical foundations have only aged like a fine wine. There’s no shortage of tension-building prechoruses that grab you, make you wait a moment, then fling you into the liveliest of choruses – Some Kind Of Disaster will fit right in on an ATL setlist. Which is why it’s a shame their 5$ shows (really?! What a steal) aren’t in the UK – but we can hope they’ll be heading to our shores soon enough! Maybe if we all cross our fingers they’ll be here for festival season.

Some Kind Of Disaster is out now via Fueled By Ramen.