Against The Current - weapon
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Against The Current - weapon8.5

Against The Current, weapon
Fueled By Ramen

Finally! Pop-rock powerhouses Against The Current have been teasing us since the release of their monumental single that won’t save us, which came out late last year, but they’ve finally provided the goods in a huge way. After their foray into the world of irresistible hooks on their poppier-tinged 2018 album Voices, weapon is Against The Current announcing that yes, they still know their way around a chunky riff and a lovely lot of noise.

It’s one of their heaviest tracks, and magically, it’s also one of their most danceable to date. ATC definitely don’t give us a chance to catch our breath as the song kicks in instantly, a churning melee of guitars and pacey beats, utterly dizzying and completely inviting. Chrissy Costanza’s voice can often be found hitting entrancing high notes in upbeat, bouncy choruses, but on weapon she’s nothing but command. She stomps through the cool of the verses before completely flying into a monster of a chorus, propelling weapon to fierce heights.

weapon is dangerously big – it’s a hint at where ATC are taking their sound, and it seems that they’re going in an intense, immense direction. Between this and that won’t save us, we cannot take our eyes off them – if an album is coming, it’s the album that’s going to see them go stratospheric.

weapon is out now.