A Perfect Life In Asylums' World
8.4Overall Score

Asylums, Genetic Cabaret
Cool Thing Records

Things are all feeling pretty urgent right now, and stepping up to the post with their reflective, vital jams are Asylums. Ahead of their third album, Genetic Cabaret, they’ve released three larger-than-life singles that provide an apt soundtrack to the swirling eddy of unending chaos we find ourselves in in 2020.

A Perfect Life In A Perfect World might not seem, from its title, like a very apt listen. But its massive, britpop-tinged guitar lines and melancholy vocal delivery make for a dreamy hopefulness that’s somehow ominous and riotous all at once. It’s a haunting anthem to its core – what’s more fitting than that?

If A Perfect Life In A Perfect World was the throw-your-arms-round-each-other banger of the three offerings, Catalogue Kids is the mission statement – the first single, the opening track of Genetic Cabaret. It’s the biggest promise that Asylums will be delivering yet again on the tune-driven, impossibly catchy indie-rock gold standard they’ve set for themselves. With swooping, glorious choruses and relentless instrumentation, this is Asylums at their very most Asylums.

We’ve got an anthem, we’ve got a solid starting point, so what else could we possibly want? Well… we want a mosh-pit. And on Platitudes, the third and most recent single, Asylums are sating us with a banger of the most raucous kind, with keening, pacey guitar solos, a beat that doesn’t let you catch your breath, and a tune you can’t help but desperately want to shout along to.

So Asylums have given us a three-track promise that Genetic Cabaret is going to provide the absolute goods – an outrageous rager, a melting pot of pop, punk, and grunge sensibilities all the way from the 80s to what’ll be hot tomorrow, and a guaranteed highlight of this year in music.

Genetic Cabaret is out July 17th.

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