A Day To Remember - Mindreader
8.4Overall Score

A Day To Remember, Mindreader
Fueled By Ramen

They might have had to postpone their tour, the prospect of catching them at a festival seems to be ever distancing, but A Day To Remember aren’t letting us get down for a second – latest single Mindreader is as huge as Degenerates and Resentment, and it’ll make you feel infinitely hyped even when it feels like there’s little to get hyped for.

Jeremy Mckinnon’s vocals are so instantly recognisable they’ll have you pulling back pits and punching the air in your kitchen, headbanging your way through your hour of government-permitted exercise. Mindreader’s mid-paced tempo allows you to relish every riff and thrumming bassline, it allows the guitar melody to leap in spikes and push back into the ground before you can catch your breath. Mckinnon’s range stays vitriolic and low in the verses, soaring up in a singalong chorus as it pounds into life.

Degenerates is the feel-good banger so far, Resentment is the pounding visions of pyros and pits 20 meters wide, and Mindreader occupies the space between the two. ADTR’s trademark blend of rock, metalcore, and pop-punk, is thriving and pushing at its boundaries, whilst feeling so familiar and characteristic that every track sinks in straight away. With upcoming album You’re Welcome due later this year, Mindreader is a comforting reminder that in these turbulent times, some things are still as good as they’ve always been.

Mindreader is out now.