A Day To Remember - Brick Wall
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A Day To Remember, Brick Wall
Fueled By Ramen

The news is finally here, with all the ferocity of a car barrelling full-speed ahead, be it into a brick wall or the highway horizon – A Day To Remember are releasing their next album, You’re Welcome, next year, and they’ve just dropped a momentous new single to celebrate. Brick Wall is every bit as fierce as their releases this year so far, this time with even more feeling.

Degenerates was the grab-your-mates singalong, Resentment was the throw-yourself-in circle-pit-starter, Mindreader was a bit of both, and now Brick Wall is all of the above, now with the volume turned up more than a few notches. Jeremy McKinnon and co. have tossed it all in the ring for this one, and it’s made for a totally explosive track: relentless guitar riffs scream along and build to crashing choruses that’ll leave you breathless just from listening.

ADTR know their audience well – Brick Wall is ready to be played live, and the reaction it’ll get is easy to picture right from the off. Huge, stomping interludes, tantalising low, slow moments that build tension before erupting into a roar of “we’re heading for the brick wall!!!”; the song peaks and falls like an irresistible tidal wave of sound and we’re here to ‘saddle up’ and ride it.

ADTR are a household name in earth-shaking hardcore, and they look set to confirm why on You’re Welcome. Brick Wall is every facet of their awesomeness intact – the Florida icons are going full steam ahead with no signs of stopping.

You’re Welcome is out March 5th 2021.