STOP THE PRESSES! More 2000Trees news incoming! Did you think the Thursday announcement was enough? Would you have been happy if that was the complete festival bill? Was it packed with enough of your favourite bands that navigating clashes for ONE DAY was already going to be a nightmare? US TOO! But it’s 2000Trees – of course they have more up their sleeves. Over the past couple of days they’ve dropped their whole lineup for Friday and Saturday too, and it only gets better.

The legendary Thrice will be topping the bill on Friday, but Saturday’s headliner is as of yet unconfirmed. But Trees are teasing big things, so we’re on the edge of our seat for what they’ve got on the way. But they’ve got such a gang of icons together on the rest of the bill that we’re already gearing up for a fest to surpass all others – punk’s finest Laura Jane Grace hits Trees for the first time as a solo artist on Saturday… Wait, no, she hits it for the first time as a solo artist on Friday, but she’s back for another set the very next day!? Also on the bill are rock’s favourite astronomically rising stars Boston Manor, the ferocious Dream State climbing higher up the bill than ever before, Cali punk’s fiercest and shiniest The Regrettes, and down at the grittier end of the scale, Knocked Loose ready to create moshpits that go harder than ever.

2000Trees have an amazing track record for the breadth of genre they represent, but also their impeccable attention to the gender balance of their lineups. The punk scene at the moment is abundant with non-male acts kicking down the doors and blowing out the ceilings, so it’s only fitting that all festival lineups do the same (cough…) and Trees have more than delivered. Off the back of a stunning debut we’ve got Dream Nails, we’ve got Trees favourite Nervus back for the 10294th year in a row (yes please!), we’ve got the fiery Wargasm… For those looking for something a bit more mellow, Orchards’ ‘math-pop’ is a guaranteed sun-soaked set that’ll have you singing along, and False Advertising who somehow make their grunge-rock feel laidback AND intense. Obviously, if you’re looking for intense, there’s the incomparable Vukovi, who played one of our favourite sets of 2019.

It would be all too easy to list the entire lineup and shout about how exciting every name on the bill is… but we’ll leave that to you. One of the most magical things about 2000Trees is that you get to go and see your favourite bands, and you’re guaranteed to come away with a whole new set of favourites too – 2021’s fest is only 10 months away, so get stuck in now.

Tickets for 2000Trees are available here.