New Trees announcement – repeat, new Trees announcement! 2000Trees continue to prove why they’re a highlight of the UK festival circuit with this bunch of bands. One of the most special things about why Trees is so great is the sheer variety of genres on the ground – there’s something for everyone. We’ve rounded up some of the greatest adds from this section, across the genre spectrum! (and some of your new favourite bands…)

Tokky Horror

Tokky Horror‘s sound is unforgiving. Taking the spirit of hyper-pop and turning it into an electro-punk gut punch, the trio are set to pack one of the most energetic sets of the weekend.

LISTEN TO: Girlracer, Eden On Acid


ZAND defines their own sound as ‘ugly pop’ – on-the-nose, and accurate. Their voice alone could easily be as bubblegum as they come, but they pair their knack for a swaggering melody line with juddering, unnerving instrumentals.

LISTEN TO: Slut Money, Boys Like U

Witch Fever

As per their name, Witch Fever are barrelling through the post-punk revival in a feverish avalanche of noise. Compelling vocals meet riffs that draw on everything from classic rock to industrial, for an addictive and thrilling listen.

LISTEN TO: In Birth, Reincarnate


Brace yourselves. When Ithaca take to the stage this summer, the storm will arrive – they are savage, intense, but still melody-driven and deliver every grinding layer with utter precision. Future headliners? Maybe…

LISTEN TO: Impulse Crush, Secretspace


Fierce and fiercely contemporary: CLT DRP are delivering electropunk with deadpan relatability. Their lyrics bite, and their instrumentals strut, but there’s still a real sense of fun that saturates every beat.

LISTEN TO: I Don’t Want To Go To The Gym, Zoom 20

Tickets for 2000Trees 2022 are available here.