Oh, 2000Trees. How we love you. How we miss you – and your beautiful 2020 lineup. What will summer look like without you? The bleakness of our times are amplified by the thought of spending a whole summer without four days frolicking in the rolling hills of Cheltenham, surrounded by the warmest crowd in the world and the best bands too. But wait! There’s light on the horizon: 2000Trees 2021, and Jimmy Eat World are the rollover jackpot from this year’s postponed festivities, a beacon of hope to look forward to.

That’s right, folks, Jimmy Eat World have been announced as Trees’ first headliner for next year, and if absence makes the heart grow fonder, 2021 is set to be a riot of unprecedented proportions. Whether it’s the iconic singalong moment of The Middle or the hurl-me-to-the-ground moshpit intensity of Bleed American, Jimmy Eat World have a discography so packed with bangers they’ll have the whole of Gloucester singing along. And if the rest of the lineup shines even nearly as much as it has for 2020, then 2000Trees is guaranteed to be the highlight of the year (though did we ever doubt it?).

2000Trees have always prided themselves on being an independent festival, and the trees cult that’s grown around them is evidence enough. Half the crowd have been going there every year since it began, and once you go, you’ll never be able to resist going back. But as an independent festival, they need the support of the festival family that love them to tide over the tumult that covid-19 has wrought. But, of course, in true 2000Trees fashion, their fundraisers promise some golden rewards for Trees lovers everywhere.

With exclusive art prints, t-shirts, and wristbands, those of us looking for a more standard memento of our favourite festival can offer our support readily. But Trees certainly know their crowd: they’re offering a toilet queue jump, on the condition that you pay £50 and get your picture laminated on the front of the toilet stall that will, for all intents and purposes, be yours for the festival weekend. Sound incredible? It certainly does, and the first wave of toilet releases (never thought that phrase would ever be said on Bittersweet!) sold out so rapidly they’ve released another one. Amongst other rewards are crazy cashback offers, festival planning workshops, and the chance to sponsor and name the main stage. Anyone want to slide us a couple of quid so we could call it the Bittersweet Stage? Though given the chance, we’d have to call it something like the “We Love Trees With All Our Hearts” stage, because honestly, there’s no sentiment that could possibly be more strongly echoed by everyone who goes.

Tickets for 2000Trees 2021 are available here, and if you’ve got a few quid spare, here’s the link to the Crowdfunder.