Is it summer yet? Not quite? Nearly? Whether you’re still in school, or work, or you’ve thrown yourself headfirst into festival season already, a little extra preparation can never go amiss, so we’ve compiled a list of 2000Trees’ most unmissable acts!

Drug Church

Have you ever seen Drug Church live before? If the answer is yes, then stop reading: we don’t need to convince you to go and see them, there’s no doubt you’ll be there. If the answer is no, then lucky you! 2000Trees is your opportunity to throw yourself into one of the most fun crowds you’ll ever be in; unabashedly punk without taking itself too seriously, Drug Church are an undeniable recipe for a good time.

Can’t Swim

There’s nothing like a bit of pop-punk in a tent in the summer, and Can’t Swim are here to ensure you have the absolute best quality pop-punk you could possibly find. Not only do they give you the singalong choruses and brilliant riffs you can expect from that genre, but they mix it up with a delicious blend of other influences, guaranteeing you a show that’s both downright enjoyable and musically interesting.


Vukovi’s captivating frontwoman Janine Shilstone is one of the most unforgivingly awesome performers in rock music, there’s no questioning it. She can tear up any stage whether it’s a club, an academy, or indeed, a tent in Gloucestershire! Vukovi’s heaviest moments are complemented by catchy melodic hooks, and live, it makes for an unmissable show.


They’re named after the feeling we get when we think about who they might clash with at 2000Trees – because whoever that is will just have to be missed in favour of some of the best that current punk has to offer. It’s pacey, it’s emotional, it’s brilliant, and Nervus’ live shows are nothing less than a constant singalong in a crowd that all adore the band as much as you do.


If you’ve not heard of Soeur yet, you’re welcome. Any band with songs that build and thrash around as much as these guys are set to have a live show that is just bursting with emotion and raw power – and there’s only three of them! They make enough noise to fill the whole of the Cotswolds, so make sure you’re in the crowd there watching them do it.

Tickets for 2000Trees 2019 are available here.