2000Trees… how we love you. How we miss you! If you’ve not noticed how much we at Bittersweet love 2000Trees, perhaps Specsavers could be on the cards for you. After 2019’s festival being the highlight of our year, the thought of missing out on a lineup and weekend as amazing as 2020’s was supposed to be has been devastating. So here we are, approaching a weekend we’d expected to spend languishing and occasionally moaning to anyone who’d listen about how we should have been in Cheltenham right now – but, of course, 2000Trees have pulled through to lift us up. Introducing 2000Screens!

2000Screens brings a lineup as electric as we’d have seen in the fields of Upcote Farm, right into your living room! Now, we were excited about the 2020 headliners, and we can’t wait for Jimmy Eat World and Thrice to tear up our laptops. But there’s one addition that truly has BSP obsessed – our faves, Enter Shikari, who stunned in 2018, will be returning to the Trees family to headline 2000Screens!

As always, 2000Screens bring stunning headliners along with an undercard that shines just as bright! Trees regulars the likes of Nervus, Vukovi, False Advertising – if you’re a punk, a pop-punk, an indie rocker, a metal fan, there’s as much there for everyone as there always is. A huge bonus: 2000Trees’ line-up is far from the boys club that so many festivals are, and it’s the fiercest lineup we’ve ever seen for sure.

If you want to rope your mum, dad, cat, or willing housemates into a mosh-pit, there’s infinite opportunity. Aside from the aforementioned acts, we’ve got the raucous electro-punk of Strange Bones, the metal excellence of Cancer Bats, the grunge perfection of Milk Teeth… We aren’t joking, we could just list the whole lineup poster.

So it might be a tragedy not to be cramming your tent into a car small enough to fit down the country roads of Gloucestershire this weekend, but don’t worry. We’ve already got Jimmy Eat World lined up for next year, and it’ll be a party like no other – as will be what’s surely the most exciting virtual festival yet. Just make sure you’ve moved all your breakables out of the way before you switch it on!